Replacing a 28 tonne engine block

14 April 2016

The engine block on Stena Danica needed to be replaced due to damage that could not be repaired.

It was necessary to make a 7x3 metre hole in the car deck in order to lift the engine block as the four main motors were installed when the ferry was built. The damaged 28 tonne block was lifted up using our 125 tonne hydraulic gantry, which for this job was rigged with four compressed air lifting tackles. Once we lifted out the cut-out deck we were able to begin lifting out the old engine block.

The new block was delivered with its crankshaft mounted, which meant the weight had increased to 38 tonnes when it was time to lower this down into its new home. All that remained was to close up the deck so no cars could fall down into the engine room.

The ferry berthed on Sunday evening and returned to service on Wednesday morning.

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