Malmö Central - replacement of the 122-tonne buffer stop

14 April 2016

An accident occurred at the turn of 2010-2011 when a X2000 train crashed into a buffer stop at Malmö C. If the so-called 80 tonne buffer stop (lump of concrete) had not been in place a disaster would have been a fact. However, the heavy train moved this concrete block about 20 cm and it was feared that it was cracked so the buffer stop had to be replaced with a new one.

Tunga Lyft was contacted by Peab, who had been awarded the assignment by the Swedish Traffic Safety Agency and work was started to solve the replacement inside the central station.

On April 9, Peab had cast a new buffer stop outside of the station and Tunga Lyft installed the new 122 tonne buffer stop when delivered at the end of 2010. We used our trolleys and a locomotive to move the heavy block out and the new one in. The job was done on shifts when the train departures were limited.

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