Tunga Lyft are experts in all forms of launching. We offer everything from small manageable systems to heavier jacks that can handle loads up to 30,000 tonnes. Nothing is impossible with Tunga Lyft.

One of the areas where we are really big is different types of launching. We have systems that can handle loads of up to 30,000 tonnes. Different assignments vary in size and design. This may include everything from bridges, large machines and boats to transformers. The systems can be interconnected to suit the structure being handled at any particular time. It is always important to be aware of all the different parameters at an early stage, for example, this particular design is especially sensitive to...

See examples of the work we have performed in the sector Launching.

Small launching system

This is a mini variant of the traditional systems and is used for small assignments, for example, transformers and smaller machines. This system is smaller and easier to handle.

Large launching system

This system is very flexible and is used for applications from about 100 tonnes and upward.

This system includes numerous launching beam sizes ranging from double HEB 300 beams and up to double HEB 1000 for the most demanding projects. As a matter of curiosity we have launched all parts of the Öresund Bridge. In this case, it was a question of pillars and the caissons and the prefabricated bridge parts with weights in excess of 6000 tonnes.

Moving road tunnels

In some cases Tunga Lyft also moves road tunnels using other technologies in order to meet customer requirements. This job is in Denmark and we are performing “tunnel jacking” as we move the tunnel by pushing it forwards by means of strokes of 1 m per occasion, we then reload with an additional concrete block. This may be because it is too narrow at the sides so that there is no space for heels on the sides or the ground has a poor bearing capacity.

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