See Johanna return to Brunnsparken with the help of Tunga Lyft

14 March 2016

Tunga Lyft has been entrusted to lift and transport the statue Johanna in Brunnsparken for renovation of the statue.

A lot of us have arranged to meet at “Johanna” but few people know that she has gazed out from her location since 1833 and that she is Gothenburg's first female statue.

After more than half a year at the restorer Johanna along with pigeons is now back in Brunnsparken again. They found remains from an ironworks in the foundation which originated before the city was founded, information about this can be found in the earlier GP report when we took her away after 150 years.

Johanna weighs 1700 kg and stands on a 6 metre high column, we used a mobile crane and jib for a joint lift. Great precision was required to put Johanna back into place as the statue is richly decorated with ornaments.

There were many spectators there who eagerly followed the successful return.

Click here to view the report from SVT Nyheter.