Lifted tonnes since the start in 1940

Lifting experts

We are the lifting experts. We lift anything from safes to bridges and complete buildings. We can offer you turnkey solutions. Our know-how serves for all kinds of activities and industries.

Our technology and services are well suited where the prerequisites are different and the solutions are not obvious. Each lifting task is unique, with its own special prerequisites and therefore requires close collaboration between us and you as the customer.

Together we identify and analyse problems and create solutions that comprise all or some of our services: lifting, installation, transport, launching, consulting, design, planning and lifting supervision.

Of course, there is also an economic aspect to our overall solution. In our experience it pays to let a supplier manage the lifting assignment with all that this entails.

This is probably true in your case too. And perhaps this is really the big lift.

Our history

Tunga Lyft has constantly evolved and can now offer turnkey solutions in heavy lifting. Our greatest strength is to overcome challenges. Öresund Bridge 1997-2000 is the company's largest undertaking throughout the years. Other major assignments include Alfa Laval, SSAB in Luleå, bridge replacement in Finland and Norway, and a wind power station in China.


Tunga Lyft acquired by Storskogen.


November 2006, Tunga Lyft i Sverige AB was formed as an independent company, specialising in heavy goods handling and complicated lifting.


In 2001 Kynningsrud purchased Ralling’s construction department that later became Tunga Lyft.


1995 Ralling AB acquired RMS Resmastsystem in Skövde.


1972 Skåne cement foundry, now Skanska AB, purchased AB Jan Ralling and became a part of Skanska Prefab. The name changed to Ralling AB.


At the end of the 60's AB Jan Ralling purchases Grävningsbolaget.


In 1953, the company was involved in the work on the first concrete motorway between Malmö and Lund.


Grävningsbolaget was established in the mid-1940s.